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Power Apps

Apps can assist you and your company to record, collect and evaluate information on a wide range of topics in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

We develop unique apps for your company. The development takes place in the Microsoft application “Power Apps” – all apps can be directly integrated into your Microsoft Cloud environment!


Workflows help you to automate business processes and make them more efficient – they create time, reduce administrative errors and bring transparency to your processes.

We program workflows tailored to your processes and specific needs using the Microsoft application “Power Automate”. All workflows can be directly integrated into your Microsoft Cloud environment!

Selection of our developed apps
Vacation approval
Enter vacation days or your upcoming parental leave easily and quickly in the vacation request app. Your team manager and HR department are automatically notified about your request and asked for approval. Your request is fully integrated into your Microsoft Cloud environment from start to finish: From automatically requesting approval via Teams, to an email sent by the system regarding the final status of your request, to automatically setting a blocker for vacation time in your calendar.
You want to be able to easily view inventory and track defects or shortages at any time? With our Mangelapp you can list any kind of inventory and keep an eye on the stocks of your projects or products. An item or part of a product is defective or shows shortage? Document it in the app, store information about the location, use and note it directly under the associated project or product. Get automatic reports on the status of your inventory and projects at any time and track your inventory.
Selection of our developed workflows
Automated approval of documents
A defined workflow for requesting approvals for documents saves time and effort. You define how and for which documents approvals should be requested automatically.
Automatic filing of documents
With a defined workflow, documents can be automatically stored in a desired location in your Microsoft Cloud. You decide where files should be stored and define which files they should be.
Urlaubstage oder Elternzeit einfach und schnell über die Urlaubsantragsapp eintragen und anfragen. Teammanager und HR werden automatisch informiert und nach Genehmigung gebeten. Von Anfang bis Ende des Prozesses komplett in der Microsoft Cloud integriert: Genehmigungsanfragen via Teams, Kommentare und Notizen jederzeit in der App einsehbar, Outlook-Email zu der Genehmigung und automatischer Kalendereintrag für den genehmigten Urlaub.
Inventar und Bestände einfach übersehen können und Defekte oder Mangel tracken? Mit der Mangelapp kannst Du jegliche Art von Inventar auflisten und die Vollständigkeit Deiner Projekte im Blick behalten. Ein Gegenstand ist defekt? Trage es ohne Umstand in der App ein, hinterlege Informationen zum Lagerort und Gebrauch oder auch ein Foto. Ziehe Dir bei Bedarf Reports zu den einzelnen Inventargegenständen und damit verbundenen Projekten.

Why us?

Individual & customized
We create applications and solutions completely according to your needs. Therefore, all our solutions are individual and unique and tailored to your business.
Our cooperation does not end with the handover of the development to your company. We continuously develop the solutions together.
Industry experience
Our clients work in a wide variety of industries – from HR consulting, to healthcare, to metalworking & medical technology. As a result, we are familiar with the various industry requirements.

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